The Life of Sabri Ulker


“The story of Sabri Ulker’s life history and the lessons embedded in it is one that is very timely in this world of enormous opportunity and never ceasing turbulence.”

– Ram Charan, Advisor to boards and CEOs across the Globe and author and co-author of 35 business books with 4 million copies in print in several languages

“The insight into Sabri Ulker and his ‘laws’ provided in the book demonstrates a man capable of infinite listening and a tuned walking in the ‘other people’s shoes.’ This was someone who played the long game and successfully navigated from a small Turkish business to a successful global enterprise.”

– Helen Pitcher, OBE, Chairman and Chairman and Non Executive Director

Are shortages, difficulties, and impossibilities obstacles to success? Should we accept the adverse circumstances we may find ourselves in and give up, or should we fight for our dreams? Sabri Ulker, who spent his childhood and youth amongst the conditions of war, chose the latter.

This book is the life story of businessman Sabri Ulker, who turned Ulker, despite all impossibilities, beginning with producing only one type of biscuit, into the great food giant it is today.

Sabri Ulker, who never compromised his principles and always followed the true path throughout his life, had a helpful and humble personality, always keeping to himself behind the scenes. However, with this book, the life of Sabri Ulker and the story of Ulker’s growth from its foundation come to light.

Yildiz Holding, which incorporates Ulker, has now become one of the first global companies in Turkey, with product sales to a consumer population of more than 4 billion in 4 continents, creating more than 65,000 jobs at home and abroad, continues to follow Sabri Ulker’s life and business principles.

Sabri Ulker’s life story greatly inspires his family, employees, and everyone who encounters it.